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If you're not totally NORMAL, yet you're not completely WEIRD, but you often have both weird moments and normal moments, then you're biweirdual. Has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Having two distinct personality sides - can appear normal when needed or desired; yet can fly the freak flag high and proud when the occasion permits.

You can't choose to be biweirdual; it's a trait you're born with.
That dude can't figure out if he's normal or not... he's gotta be "bi-weird-ual!"

Andy Dick - Totally weird, no normal in him at all.
Robin Williams - Absolutely biweirdual.
Barack Obama - Totally normal.
Lisa Lampanelli - Biweirdual.
Charlie Sheen - Weird.
Anderson Cooper - Normal.
Steven Colbert - Biweirdual.
Keith Olbermann - Normal.
George Bush - Normal.
Gene Simmons - Biweirdual.
by gonuclearnavy February 05, 2010
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