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Something occurring every other week.

A common misuse is using bi-weekly to mean twice in a week. Well, think of it this way: We don't celebrate bicentennials twice a century.
Russ is an idiot because he thinks bi-weekly means twice a week!
by JonnyG January 01, 2006
1. (Adj) A person or group whose sexuality is in question, or (specifically) whose sexual preference seems to fluctuate on a weekly basis.
Kelly: "Andrew, WTF? Why is Dave ignoring me and making out with a dude?!"
Andrew: "It's Sunday."
Kelly: "What is that supposed to mean? Last night we hooked up and he made all these homophobic remarks... and now all of a sudden he's gay?"
Andrew: "Yeah, didn't you know, Dave's biweekly."
Kelly: "Oh."
by gogreenrhino August 11, 2011
1. Occurring twice per week (this is true no matter what Dan or his English professor mom says. My mom was a book editor and she looked it up in the dictionary. I don't care that she originally thought it was definition #2. She found it in Merriam Webster, the dictionary Dan recommended).

2. (Occ.) Every two weeks.

The College of William and Mary's Flat Hat newspaper is published biweekly, allowing me to read it twice every week.

Because biweekly first and foremost means twice per week, I do not owe Dan any money.
by Genius at English September 15, 2008
Occuring twice a week.
Kevin thought bi-weekly meant occuring every 2 weeks cause he is a stupid nigger. It means twice a week.
by Russ January 12, 2005
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