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When you're not gay, but you find someone of the same sex attractive. You wouldn't necessarily act on those feelings of attraction, but you would do it if you were someone else. That is to say: If you thought a dude/chick was attractive, and your not gay, but you wouldn't mind hearing about an encounter with them through someone else.

So, you are living vicariously through someone else's experience, it just so happens that experience is slightly homo-erotic.
I'll tell you what, I wouldn't fuck him. But I might bi-cariously want to hear about it.
by Def Mabee May 24, 2010
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Similar to vicarious, but for those who prefer to use slang and sound ghetto
the evil step mother lived bicariously through her 16 year old step daughter
by Jocelyn Ariana August 11, 2006
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