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used to describe people (usually women) who pretend to be bi-sexual (or on-line at dating and social sites) in order to get attention in public, but actually aren't bi-sexual.

aka "fake bi-sexuals" "faux bi-sexuals"
"She makes out with women in front of her boyfriend, but really, she's bi-spurious."
#bi-curious #bi-furious #bi-sexual #pan-sexual #omnisexual #lesbian #gay
by GLilyDances March 13, 2010
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Used to describe people (usually women) who show bi-sexual behavior because of the reaction it brings from the opposite sex, compared to real bisexuals who do it because they like/want to.
"Shes kissing that girl because all the guys are near her... she is so bi-spurious."
#bispurious #bi-curious #bi-furious #bi-sexual #lesbian #gay
by MrStonedOne March 17, 2010
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