The property of having such an enormous butt that for all practical purposes is actually 2.
Anthony: OMG, have you seen the new substitute teacher ?!?

Max: Yes!

Anthony: Dude, its not cool, I think she's biassed, she was sitting in two chairs instead of one!
by Aivalleb September 15, 2009
Top Definition
The condition of having two asses, thus: The ability to figuratively sit on two chairs. A bi-assed person can successfully represent two differing, even contradicting opinions.
Rudy Giuliani has been both pro-choice and pro-life, so he's either bi-assed or a flip-flopper.
by KlPi79 December 03, 2008
A person who is biased in such a way that people hate him for it.
IGN is so bi-assed in their reviews.
by anshulg February 18, 2009
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