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A bisexual who, prefers to have non sexual relationships with their partners. They are quite happy to have relationships with members of both genders, however with different means of intimacy that avoid sexual intercourse of any description. These people can be more than happy with just the other person's company, personality and soul.
Richard loves emma in a deep emotional bond; he also loved Phillip with a similar, though not the same, affection. - Thus he is bisexual.
However, Richard, through no fault of his own (lack of libido, low sex drive or previous trauma/rape are often blamed), he cannot stomach the thought of having sex with another human being. Thus he is asexual.
Bisexual + Asexual = Bi-Asexual

(He also wants to raise clones as children- but that's an entirely different matter!)
by Dr Mcninja June 27, 2007
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