Bi people are attracted to both girls and guys. The attraction is romantic as well as sexual. It is a full relationship with deep feelings.

The word bi is from bisexual which is just too long and not nearly as cool, lol.

There are many bi myths like that they cannot be loyal or are confused which is untrue. Being loyal is a choice anybody can make, bi, straight, gay, lesbian, or whatever. And they are not confused, not anymore then anybody else.

There is a difference between bisexual (or bi) and bi-curious also. Bi-curious is only being curious about what it would be like to be with somebody of the same sex. Bisexuals are not curious (well not in that way). They know who they are attracted to.
Grace is a girl and has a girlfriend named Angelina. She loves Angelina and is only with her. Now if they ever broke up then being that Grace is bi she could either have another girlfriend or a boyfriend. But her and Angie are good together.

Even if Grace marries Angelina she doesn't turn into a lesbian, she is still bi.
by Annabella August 04, 2006
business; issues; drama.
"I can go fly private, cause I handle my b.i. They call me candle guy, (why?) simply cause I am on fire." T.I. in Justin Timberlake's "My Love."
by DrG-Unit November 28, 2006
Liking both male and female;going both ways.
Being bi means looking at everyone on the street AND being allowed to judge them!
by Kailee-sama July 24, 2008
1. prefix that means two
2. the state of being attracted sexually to both males and females
1. Bicycle- has 2 wheels
2. Some call Tina greedy, but she's just bi; she enjoys sex with both males and females.
by IAmSofaKingWeToddEd May 20, 2006
Shortened version of the word business
This nigga all up in my b-i and shit!
by Nellie November 11, 2003
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