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bhogga is the term that supposedly refers to people who are supposedly undecided in which fashion they follow, they are not. people are constantly putting people into groups i.e chavs, the name bhogga covers emo; scene, punk, grunger, goth and others that are similar. people sometimes get offended if someone calls them an e.g. goth and they know that they are not. bhogga rounds it all up into one.
bhoggas are very thoughtful, sometimes they can be very creative, they let their emotions go through music, art etc. you will find that many bhoggas are bhuddist. you may also notice that bhoggas keep a symbolic item on them at all times, e.g. string bands (often called 'buddha bands'), pin, rings etc. they are normally quite small.
bhoggas have no fixed fashion, but normally are known to listen to rock, metal, prog, punk, grunge, indie and other music like that. surprisingly many like to listen to classical music and jazz. strange you say?, most people are afraid to admit they like classical music.
bhoggas love diversity.

NOTE< BHOGGA is spelt B-H-O-G-G-A, no other way.
do not be put off by the name bhogga!
by something in the way... October 20, 2006
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