A computer programming language used for arificial inteligence. See Also Bogus and Boogus.
The history tracker program was writen in BGS.
by Robert A. August 12, 2004
Acronym: Big Girl Syndrome. An officially recognised medical condition, it is used in instances when somebody whinges on about a negligible or insignificant "injury".
Is Dave playing football today?
Nah, his BGS is acting up again.

Man I'm so sore after the gym yesterday.
Sounds like you might have BGS.
by drewbobbage December 07, 2010
"Back Ground Story": for when you need to explain the origin od somthing in a hurry.
what's with your nick name dude?

well here's the BGS...
by aubrey814 June 20, 2005
person a: watcha doin?
person b: nuthin ... just makin bgs on photobucket
by AnisaDaisy August 24, 2008
'bloody good stuff' can be used with anything but has particular use when tasting or talking about beer. Can be sent on phones and chat for quickhand.
person 1: What do you think of girl x?
person 2: bgs
by mike October 27, 2001
Abbreviation for "Bukkake Goggles". More commonly called "Bug Glasses", referring to the current fashion trend in womens sunglasses.

Bukkake goggles are very large sunglasses, often (but not necessarily) round in shape, that tend to cover much of the wearers face.

BG's can be rated on a scale from 7 to 10, with 10 being extreme facial coverage. The larger the glasses, the more area to bukkake all over.
Dood! Check out that slunt sportin' the level 10 BG's! I'm 'bout to bust a nut!
by gmnugget March 14, 2007
Can I interest anyone in a round-robin double elimination BGS tournament?
by Dave February 12, 2004

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