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Best Friends For Ever, One whos very special to you and who is very amazing.
"Your my BFFE" "Your my best friend for ever"
by amber April 16, 2005
Everyone who tries to define this is wrong.
Bffe does not stand for 'best friends for ever'.
Why you may ask, well forever is one word you fucking morons!!

The true definition of bffe is : 'Best Fucking Friends Ever'
Because there is no time limit. =]
Dude! Rachel and Alyssa are total bffe's!!
by waaaaazzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppp April 06, 2011
Best Friend For Ever

someone who has called you his/her Bffe considers you extremly close and among his inside group of friends

It can also be used in a sarcastic sense putting emphasis on how much they have a distaste for one another
Person no1:Fred Durst and Dj Lethal are Bffes

Person no2:Common knowledge

Person no1:Eminem hates Dj Lethal

Person no2:Man you kidding Eminem and Lethal are Bffes!
by Rojokeeed July 30, 2009
pronounced "beefy". means best friends for eternity. when best friends "for life" isn't cutting it.
alternate: BFFI, or best friends for infinity. still pronounced "beefy"
Jesus is my bffe lolz
by NINA!!!!!!!!!!!! November 23, 2009
Always by ur side...there to help you cry...taking you by the hand and always understands...always in your way but that is A-OK...Friends are there for you but not always...and half the time your just being stupid...But BFFE will always be there for you even through the fights...SOMEONE YOU PARTY WITH!
by Kari W May 19, 2005
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