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2 definitions by littlemiss_sunshine

Best Friends Forever and Ever
Me and my best friend are BFFE's!
by littlemiss_sunshine February 08, 2008
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Good night and everything. :)) When chatting online or texting with someone special, instead of saying "good night" followed by "i miss you", "i love you", "sweet dreams", "sleep tight", "God bless" and all that stuff; GNE makes it much easier since it means like, everthing! haha. also, it is a much discreet way of showing affection to someone if you really don't have the guts to. note: i made this up by myself. :P

**if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and u really wanna be romantic, affectionate and all that, i reckon u should still spell out ILY. since it is a very meaningful three-word-sentence. :P
me: gnyt, ily, swt dreams, etc.
him: gnyt, ily, swt dreams, etc. *in whole words*
me: GNE! haha. it means good night and everything! so we don't have to include all those other greetings. :P
him: oh okay. GNE too!
by littlemiss_sunshine February 08, 2008
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