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bfam: an acronym for brother from another mother.
bfam: a mate who you're close to, but you obviously have different mothers..MA BRO!

also sfam: sista from anotha mista
hey bfam whats up?
i was just texting my bfam...
by sonyajay October 23, 2006
The shortern term for Brother From Another Mother, hence it is BFAM. It basically just means very close friends.
Fish- Hey proph ur mA BFAM man!!!!
Proph- yer man BFAM:D i am fat and have an ugly girlfriend ehehehehe
by proph_loves_fish August 29, 2005
A series of letters that stands for
Brother From Another Mother.
He is your brother, your best friend, although he is from a different mother.
Hey my bfam, how's it going.
I'm fine dude!
by thecrazymonkey February 02, 2009
The name of a group of University of Washington Men's Basketball players who make sick songs and are hilarious. Look em up on YouTube!
"I love BFAM!"
"Oh you mean that awesome group of Husky bball players? I love them too!"
by Husky Lover May 03, 2010
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