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To be on top of the world.
I am absolutely Bezzin'
by Charizard MK2 December 08, 2006
To saunter about
Just off for a bez....
Where've you been?? I've been bezzin about
by nick July 18, 2003
An unintelligent and laughable character.
wow that guy is such a fookin bezzin
by Hannibalant April 19, 2009
bezzin is a lunch/breakfast/dinner grafter's special recommended highly by papa t.consisting of bacon sausage etc
"get yourself down to craven bakery to get a bezzin and tell em papa t sent ya te te te...."
by Bob Newby November 06, 2007
when sum1 is in a stress u say their in a bez or bezzin...
god dont get in a bez!!!!
by lola_pop March 07, 2005