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1. A person or persons belonging in body or in mind to another.

2. Ollie Stevens
Eg #1
Person 1; You are a beyouch
Person 2; I'm not ollie stevens!
Person 1; My mistake sir!

Eg #2
Person 1; Damn
Person 2; Whats wrong?
Person 1; Some beyouch stole my banana!
Person 2; Ollie stevens is a theif?
Person 1; haha, Ollie is a beyouch!
Person 2; That is correct!

Eg# 3
Person 1; Guess the word, byohceu
Person 2; Ollie Stevens!
Person 1; No it's beyouch...
Person 2; But Ollie Stevens is a beyouch
Person 1; True...

Eg #4
Child 1; Mummy, whats a beyouch?
Parent 1; Basically, it's Ollie Stevens
Child 1; Seen....

Eg #5
Ethnic Person 1; Wha-gwan
Ethnic Person 2; nuffin' beyouch
Ethnic Person 1; Ma name ain't ollie
Ethnic Person 1; stevens blad!
Ethnic Person 2; Bling!

Eg #6
Ninja 1; Yoyoyo my bladrin
Ninja 2; Just killin' beyouches!
Ninja 1; You killed ollie stevens!??!
Ninja 2; lol, nah, but it's true, ollie
Ninja 2; stevens is a beyouch!
Ninja 1 & 2 (Same time); HaHaHa

Eg #7
Oxford Wanker 1; Lets write a dictionary
*much time later*
Oxford Wanker 1; What shall we put under
Oxford Wanker 1; Beyouch?
Oxford Wanker 2; Ollie Stevens?
Oxford Wanker 1; Good choice lad!
by Prof. K February 02, 2004
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Another way to write bitch
That girl at the corner is a beyouch.
by D. L. L. October 24, 2007

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