A friendly use of the word bitch. Usually used in greeting one's friend, or when one has succeeded over someone.
Hey, beyotch!

You got owned, beyotch!
by Pitoyable May 02, 2005
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a more formal greeting than bitch.
A: Good afternoon.
B: Yeah, beyotch!
by Evanezer April 18, 2003
you dumb beyotch
by ass mofo January 18, 2003
bitchs, skanks, biatchs, hoes
I'm just chillin with my beyotches later.
by Clizaire September 10, 2003
term used for someone not bitch enough; someone nice and you do not want to call bitch; not very bitch; someone bitch and still a friend; expressing one's gratitude to someone in a very spicy remark.
Let's go somewhere else, beyotch!

Beyotch! We're almost done!
by Ed Specks December 27, 2007
Form of the derogation "bitch". First coined by rapper Todd Shaw AKA "Too $hort" in the track "Freaky Tales" on the 1987 album "Born to Mack".
by Wanizame November 24, 2009
The wrong way to spell beotch
1 your a beyotch

2 it's beotch dumb shit
1 oh what ever!
by Itsspelledbeotch December 30, 2012

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