When one is bombarded with talentless music, indigenous type dancing, or ethnic specific art, all the while being pawned off as American culture.
At the super bowl this year (2013), every person watching the half-time show, was BEYONCED.

That drum circle was horrible, I feel BEYONCED.

"Yo! MTV Raps is on, Bro!" "Get Ready to be BEYONCED"
by Joseph A. Bank February 04, 2013
Top Definition
the act of letting photographers only shoot from the sound stage during concerts.
Photographer 1- So we get the first three songs right?
Photographer 2- Yeah but we only shoot from the back.
Photographer 3- Mann, we got beyonce-d again. Dang.
by Photoj200 February 02, 2010
Singing the shit out of a song.

Related: see Celine'd
Damn, she Beyonce'd that song
by Turd E. Fergusson June 22, 2011
When you are a star and people gossip about you constantly, only play 15 seconds of your 4 min video, turn mic down, basically sabotage you.
Damn they just Beyonce'd that girl off the stage.
by Day by D November 17, 2011
to get motherfucking proposed to
Oh yeah, she just got beyonced...motherfucker put a ring on it.
by Loro Minero April 03, 2011

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