OK singer who gets shoved down the throats of those watching BET or MTV every day.
I'm sick of her, personally.
Cripes, woman! Let some other singer get a chance already!
by Shawn B. October 16, 2003
1. Pretty good singer that often contradicts herself.

2. Often talks like she has no education what-so-ever.

3. Pretty face and nice figure, but should wear clothing that compliments herself more.

4. Used to always vow never to wear provocative clothing, but what is she doiing now?
Beyonce is good, but a lot of people see her a fake. She should think before she speaks.
by No_Way_Out February 16, 2004
1. A young woman who flaunts a bad blond wig
2. A woman who vocabulary is limited just because her parents thought it was more important for her to be a star more so than getting a decent education.
3. A woman who has the most stannish fan base ever.
1.Damn girl...did u see Beyonce's new blond wig...its horrible
2.Interviewer:So how are things with you and Jay-z
Beyonce:I'm just blessed to have my familee...i'm speechless.
Interviewer: Tell me about your new album?
Beyonce:I'm just blessed to have my familee...i'm speechless.
3. Lisa: I don't like Beyonce's outfit
Her friend:You're a fucking hater!
by StephSteph December 05, 2004
1. Another term for "nice ass"
2. A pretty good female African-american singer. Likes to shake her ass while singing.
Dis babe got an ass like Beyonce's yo.
by shakhan December 09, 2005
I hope everyone noticed that all the lovers have the same vocabulary as she does.

"u juss jealuz coz she so fiine"

She's a hypocrite, just face it. The girls that like her don't know anything about what she's done, they just know she's made songs and danced around like a sleezbag.
"Dayum, Katrina is turnin' into one of dem
by Gina April 15, 2005
The act of sticking ones finger down another persons butt crack when it becomes visable, perhaps when they are bending over picking something up. In order for it to be a ligitimate Beyonce, the giver must see bare back and ass crack.
If you dont pull up your pants I am going to beyonce the shit out of you.
by bm2much June 13, 2010
A girl with a 5 year old smile with a amazon frame who pays her own mother to do her hair.
Beyonce and Jay-Z and the new Ike and tina Turner Couple of the 21st century
by NY Minute September 12, 2004

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