A female in an R&B group that kicks out any group member that begins to get as popular as herself
Because of Beyonce, there are more ex Destiny's Child members than current members.
by BooBoohead March 04, 2006
OK singer who gets shoved down the throats of those watching BET or MTV every day.
I'm sick of her, personally.
Cripes, woman! Let some other singer get a chance already!
by Shawn B. October 16, 2003
1. A young woman who flaunts a bad blond wig
2. A woman who vocabulary is limited just because her parents thought it was more important for her to be a star more so than getting a decent education.
3. A woman who has the most stannish fan base ever.
1.Damn girl...did u see Beyonce's new blond wig...its horrible
2.Interviewer:So how are things with you and Jay-z
Beyonce:I'm just blessed to have my familee...i'm speechless.
Interviewer: Tell me about your new album?
Beyonce:I'm just blessed to have my familee...i'm speechless.
3. Lisa: I don't like Beyonce's outfit
Her friend:You're a fucking hater!
by StephSteph December 05, 2004
1.Highly overrated.

2.Horrible example for the young, black, female youth of today.

3.Using ghost writers in order to be taken seriously as an artist.

4.Lyp-syncing and always getting away with it.

5.Not knowing how to actually dance but always getting away with it.


7.Hyped up to be a legend when in reality, they are no different from any other contemporary singer out today.

8.2nd rate, immitation of Tina Turner/Diana Ross/Donna Summer/Josephine Baker.

9.Releasing rushed albums with plenty of filler but still managing to successfully sell and sweep at award shows.

10.Sabotaging a loved one's career.
Beyonce won five Grammys but only deserved one. "Dangerously In Love" was "Dangerously In Fillers" and the majority agrees.

Billed to be the greatest vocalist of today when in reality, contemporaries like Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, and the legendary Mariah Carey can sing circles around Beyonce.

75% of Beyonce's performances have been lyp-synced, usually using a pre-recorded backing track instead of the studio recording. A recent example would be the "Deja Vu" performance at BET Awards '06.
by Tay S. August 03, 2006
A great singer. But on her cd, she keeps reminding us that she is a virgo. I don't care what your sign is, Beyonce.
"Beyonce and Jay-Z's relationship is like Satan and Saddam Hussein's."
by Colin Farrell's Lover February 16, 2004
1) Beyonce: A female with an excellent voice who is serverly wasting her talent on worthless,useless, bull shit music genres such as RnB and Hip Pop(Hop)
1."Man, Beyonce has got a good voice, quite a looker too what music genre does she sing?"
2."Hip Hop man"
1."Oh sweet mary mother of Jesus I think I am going to puke"
by Hairy Maclary January 27, 2007
A girl with a 5 year old smile with a amazon frame who pays her own mother to do her hair.
Beyonce and Jay-Z and the new Ike and tina Turner Couple of the 21st century
by NY Minute September 12, 2004

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