half bitch, half fiancee'
"Hey, wanna go to Happy Hour with me, Bill, and the rest of the posse on Thursday?"

"Is Bill bringing his beyonce?"


"Then, 'Hell No!'"
by $K February 20, 2004
An artist who can sing pretty good, but contradicts herself and shows too much of her body.
nasty put sho clothes on
by what's crackalackin April 09, 2005
A clever way to call a girl a bitch without her noticing. An alternate for beyotch.
I can't stand that girl... she's a real beyonce!
by Pony Pone August 14, 2007
The word Beyonce, mistakenly linked to the diva of hip-hop, was originally coined as a cross between the word beeeeeyotch, and the word fiance. It is almost always used when describing a naggy, controlling significant other, or simply in everyday conversations everywhere. Popularized in '09.
Ben: That girl was trying to tell him he couldn't ball with his boys because she wanted him to help her buy socks at Target. I mean, are you kidding me? What a Beyonce!

Chelsea: Give me back my slushie, fool! I didn't buy it for you to drink it all.
Ben: Stop being such a Beyonce, and maybe you'll see a sip or two.

Caytie: And she was all like, "Oh my gosh, I hate that people just want to punch me in the face all the time because my name is Thunderstorm." She deserves it for being such a frakking Beyonce all the time!
by b-b-b-b-b-beyonce April 21, 2009
regular chick...FRONTER, loves gospel, but dresses like the devils bytch
amamzing grace, how sweet the sound.....
by hotgurl March 12, 2004
(n.) nasty ho who has no talent and wouldn't sell one copy of her album if she didn't prance around naked on T.V.
People need to keep appreciating talented artists like TLC and Lauryn Hill and need to turn off that beyonce bitch's music
by Dee November 09, 2003
1.Beatiful black amazing singer slash ok dancer, she uses her ass to make people think she can dance better than she actually does,slash terrible actress no wait after dream girls she managed to work her way up to just a bad actress.

2.More than likely to be included in the top 10 biggest hypocites of the 21st century.

3.Contradicts herself more than the entire Jackson family alone

4.Bird brain with a fucked up weave 90% of the time

5.And when this broad finally does something on her own or doesnt steal any more moves from these other hot, young entertainers someone plz let me know, remember when Ms. Christina Aguilera's video "Dirty" hit the scene way before "Crazy in love" and she did the so-called "Beyonce booty dance" and went to the floor with it, and when Riannah did that back bend in "SOS" Beyonce once again had to take credit for something her limited brain couldn't think of on her own, Amerie got at that chick for trying to steal her syle, and my nigga snoop was the originator of the word bootylicious to clear that shit up, they've too "worked hard" and doesn't deserve Beyonce taking credit for something they did way before that blonde even thought about doing it and trying to take full responsibility for starting it.

6.Someone always claiming to work hard but i dont see when that would be when 80% of the time shes stolen her ideas from others

7.Needs Jay-Z to upgrade her ass for real, what ever that chick is too dumb to think of on her own shes always got that nigga jigga to guide her dumb ass through every step ahead oh yea and her dumb ass parents that made her into the bird-brain she is today by spoiling her and letting her think its ok to go through life with little education and a disrespectable self image to younger audiences who see her fake ass as a role model.

8.A nut-case that actually thinks she has another person inside her named "Sasha" that comes out when she's on stage, if that ain't nutts with two t's i don't know what the fuck is
Girl:sorry for the rage i caused earlier
Guy:Im just glad you calmed down i never seen that side of you before
Girl:If you didn't know that was the Tasha coming out of me
Guy:What the hell are you talking about?
Girl:I have two personalities like Beyonce what do you think about that?
Guy:Bitch i dont think but i know you are crazy
by Diamond Owens January 18, 2007

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