Beautiful young woman who goes out wit Jay-Z. She is Drivin nd worked so hard for what she has right now. All the girls who want to hate go ahead but too bad that you cant be as succesful as her today
Beyonce is a truly drivin succeful young lady
by Toya November 20, 2004
the best lookin' girl with the biggest ass
her ass is so big when she sat down she was 3 feet taller
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
1st person: *sneezes*
2nd person: Beyoncé bless you!
1st person: *sniffles* thanks.
by MyLifeIsAverage. July 28, 2010
According to her dad, his daughter was so beautiful that it was:
This is why he named his daughter Beyonce. I guess the b,e,and y is in BEYond. The o, is in wOrds. The n, is in caN. The ce, is in say??
best singa out der!!!
fer reel pretty
gets hated on frum otha girls cause deys jealous dey aint got her curves, her looks, her voice, in all dat stuff
go role model
Beyonce is soooo pretty
all ya hata's need ta bounce cause u can hate all yo want bt she still gonna be roun an havin da shit yo dnt
by LeX December 22, 2004
an amazing talented STUNNING lady. who is soo down 2 earth and her n jay are the cutesttt couple evaa!!! All u h8ers are jealous!
I'd rather be wit u coz i love da way u scream my name
by niki April 13, 2005
The owner of the best video of all time. All time. Just saying.
Yo, Taylor I'm really happy fo' you an Im'ma let yu finish, but Beyonce has wunna da best videos of all time! ALL TIME!

- Kanye
by adamwerty June 16, 2010

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