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When a girl and or woman or homosexual male feels a strong connection to Justin beiber and thinks they will be married. Also know to be a term for girls who are hipnotized by Justin and feel that they should compare ever guy to him and be picky. Or when a bitch who is fat,smelly,and or ignorant believes Justin beiber loves them and feels the right to hate on non homosexual guys.
Dude that really hot girl got infected with beiberfever and now expects her boy friend to be a virgin till they get married. Beverfever
by kent > beiber January 07, 2012
a condition caused by drinking contaminated backcountry water resulting in violent explosive unpredictable uberfrequent bowel evacuations.
i caught bever fever and blew my toilet through the wall.
by dr. dookie September 24, 2007
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