beth,is a beautiful girl and is so cute.She is a amazing friend but when you get into a arguement with her she says stuff,you dont want to be in an arguement with her,but she never means anything she says.She is so funny and weird.
'have you seen bethany?'
'yes she looks so cool'
'is she taken'
'im not sure'
by tinkerbell1234xxxxxxx January 07, 2014
Bethany= Bestest sophomore friend, and co worker, and letter stuffer, and lab partner, and seaweed enjoyer, and english accent speaker,and someone I can laugh at Bio stuff with!
Bethany is amazing, be jealous that you don't know her.
by Neo-Mel May 09, 2010
A girl who you think is very tuff and boyish at first, but then you realize she is a just sweetheart that can handle herself
Person1: Why do you hang out with her? She so boyish

Person2: You need to get to know her more to know that she's extremely nice and caring. She's Bethany
by Billie is not my name June 25, 2015
A Bethany is a very unique and special person. A Bethany often has a very good voice, but doesn't always want to show it. A Bethany is very smart and understanding and the kind of person you could tell anything and they would understand. Bethanys are also very beautiful. A Bethany is also very athletic and very good at sports often basketball. Lastly, a Bethany is sweet and kind and a person you'd definitely want to be your best friend.
Bethany is so kind, smart, and athletic.
by Tinkle Monkey May 22, 2016
An intelligent, sexy, smart, not selfish and trustworthy person. They will give up anything that is everything for a person they loved. A Bethany will try to make everything better when things are down. Bethany wouldn't mind if people loved her or hated her because if they hate her they can hate her butt she will try to still love that one person. Bethany will never let someone give up. They know that everyone has a destiny and she will help them succeed. A Bethany is very loving, all those Bethany’s try not to brag about anything. But they don't like to look down on themselves. Get to know one. OR: A girl who would definitely make a great pair with a lad named Callum. Bethany is sporty, and even though she may not be the prettiest person on earth, she has a great sense of humour and could make you laugh any day. NEVER judge a Bethany by her cover, get to know her personality first!
You can tell she's a Bethany!
by crazyfootballinggirl10 October 22, 2015
A super hot bitch with a BOMB ASS PUSSY and sexy af body.

Bethany's are often horny little sluts who will do anything for their partner, but are completely loyal otherwise.
Tyler; "dude, I miss Bethany's pussy."

Matt; "you're so lucky man, I wanna taste it so bad."
Tyler; "yeah too bad we broke up. She won't give it up now."
by Baelantiss July 04, 2016
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