beth,is a beautiful girl and is so cute.She is a amazing friend but when you get into a arguement with her she says stuff,you dont want to be in an arguement with her,but she never means anything she says.She is so funny and weird.
'have you seen bethany?'
'yes she looks so cool'
'is she taken'
'im not sure'
by tinkerbell1234xxxxxxx January 07, 2014
Hotest, Sexy, Intelligent, and Cutest
Bethany is the hotest girl in the whole world.
by Bethany is the hotest girl February 19, 2015
Short but crazy and insane! Is afraid of rides and doesn't like to take risks. They are sometimes shy and don't like meeting new people.But.......they are my bestfreind and are crazyy
by Brownshadow May 17, 2012
A girl who is in love with the band One Direction, especially Niall Horan!
Person:who is a huge One Direction fan?
Person 2: Bethany!
by irishswagger November 20, 2011
A slutty amazing girl <3 We all love Beth<3 Even though she can't keep her legs closed<3
You know Bethany?

Yeah slept with her last night
by Amazing<3 April 01, 2012
1. A sex position where the girl is on the bed with her legs around the guys waist while he pushes in.

2. A saying used for when you got laid and it was the best you ever had.
1. "Dude, i was doing a bethany with Veronica 'till i finally came"

2. man1-"Heard u guys did it last night?" man2-"Yea, pulled a bethany"
by Suckmyglowstick December 30, 2010
A farm town where bitches come from. It smells like horse dung and so do the people. Real shit starters are born from this town. Also, a participating town in the failed school called Amity.
Alexandria- "I'm moving to Bethany, Connecticut"
Jessica- "Ew, I feel bad for you. It smells like total ass there!"
by thankgodimnotfrombethany123 September 01, 2011

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