Top Definition
BFG stands for Best Friend Gayle
A spin on Oprah's infamous reference to her friend Gayle King. Whenever she mentions Gayle, she doesn't merely say "Gayle" she always says my "best-friend-gayle."

Use this phrase to describe any same-sex best friend.

This works especially well when introducing a friend who is ONLY a friend, but often mistaken for a lover.

Can also be shortened to BFG.
Hi, I'm Steve. This is my best-friend-gayle, Mike. We've known each other since I first saw Mike doing drag down at the bar.

I'm Cindy and this is Tina. People think we're lovers, but we're not. Tina is my best-friend-gayle.

Honey, you're more than my BFF, you're my BFG.
by gmcqueen March 20, 2011

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