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teenage slang for "best friend"
"omg i love my best fran, look at our prof pics!!!"
by glamourousbaby April 07, 2010
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those who connect through marching band and become the bestest friends and do errythang together...and come up with names for each other such as shanaynay, king kong quisha, and laquisha.
man those guys look like best frans.
by TheAwesomestGinger November 03, 2010
8 1
People that are best friends, they share there thoughts with each other, they cheer each other up when one of them is down, they're a genuine good person... and they share there coffee!
Mike and Manda are bestfran's and coffee bro's <3
by Coffeebro October 17, 2010
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Other word used for best friends.

Commonly used between teenagers who enjoy talking slang.
Girl 1: Hey best frans!
Girl 2 and 3: Oh hey bestie!
by ohheydidntseeyader March 20, 2011
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