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A "berro" is a Persian or middle eastern male who wears heavy cologne, uses gel on his hair/eyebrows, wears: Ed Hardy, True Religion, Seven, Gucci, and Prada. These people are called "berro's" due to the way that they always say "Bro." Instead of saying "bro" it comes out "berro." These people are also know to think they are better than everyone else.
Q: Did you see that berro over there?
A: No, but i smelt his Gucci cologne from a mile away. That berro needs to calm down with the cologne.
by Berro March 27, 2011
A berro is a persian or middle eastern person living in america, who dresses with very flashy clothes, over applies cologne and hair gel. The word comes from the fact that they generally are trying to say "bro" but due to the accent only can say berro.
Yo berro are you going to club sutra tonight?
yo berro have you seen my fat rims?
oh man berro where did i park my beamer?
by patbroman April 13, 2011
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