Generally relating to games by building economical buildings not on your safe side of the map. But on the enemy's side and normally losing it to the enemy then presenting the enemy a massive advantage
1. Hey some faaking bero man.
2. Hey stop building fucking bero your cheating champion.
by MastaWank January 27, 2010
Top Definition
n. usually white young males who smoke weed, go to clubs, and are grimy. The word 'bero' is usually used when intoxicated, pronounced with a fake and cheap Italian accent, and is an indication that the person speaking will not be attending college.
yo bero, that's sooo dank, bero, bero, bero!


Tenjune bero!
by da man da myth da legend May 03, 2009
a graffiti artist from th north of england.
specailising in 3D graffiti art.
has been painting since 2000, but has hav a love for graffiti art since th late 80s,
extencive photo collection and 1o years ov sketches befor attempting to paint a wall.
yo thats a "bero".... mad peice ov graffiti
hes doing a "bero"... doing a fine peice ov work
by joe sqarlly November 16, 2006
A fictional type of bear. This type of bear is part deer. With the body of a bear, a Bero has deer antlers and a deer tail as well.

Females are smaller and have lighter fur.

Males are larger and have darker fur.
"Dude, that WoW bear creature thing with a beak and stuff looks like a Bero!"
by Random Player O_o May 10, 2009
graffiti artist, newcastle uk, 3D graffiti, weed head!
beautiful bero twisted eye cndy by a carear spraycan artist who is dissliked by most ov the hardcore bommbers in th northeast. listerns to allmost every urban style ov music, slowly acepting jazz, funky dressing and phat birds!
by joe sqarlly November 16, 2006
He listens to gangster and hip hop, also known as Wigga
Bero - What a Wigga, Goes to Parties, With Wigga Music, Gower is Gay - he calls me a Wigga ;)
by Adam Beresford April 12, 2005
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