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Verb. To display a skill with confidence, sometimes rising to the level of arrogance. Refers to both playing guitar or abusing substances.
1. J: I'm going to take this solo.
B: Rock out with your cock out.

1. J: I've got a pile of caine so
big you need snow shoes to get
to the top.
B: Rock out with your cock out.
by somestupidkid August 15, 2005
An exclamation of approval for musical skill.
Hendrix: "Cause I'm a Voodoo Child"...Screeee$%#.Crshhh. Wawawa..."Lord Knows I'm a Voodoo Child, Baby"

Listener: "Jesus. Rock 'n' fucking roll, dude."
by somestupidkid August 16, 2005
An expression of approval.
J: These two guys just jumped out of a van and started totally beating the shit out of this other guy.

R: Fuckin metal
by somestupidkid August 15, 2005
An expression of disapproval or disbelief of a bullshit story. Usually accompanied by a two thumbs down motion.
J: Dude. Slayer just called and asked if I would play keyboard on their next record.

Metal Guy: Two down, dude. Two f#$@%^& down
by somestupidkid August 15, 2005
1. An amputee support group
2. An impotence support group
Feeling alone? Inadequate? Join the Stub Club and receive $3000 cash back on the new Hummer H3
by somestupidkid August 15, 2005
A derogetory reference to the snooze button on an alarm clock. Used to get a late sleeper to wake up on time.
Father: Stop hitting the homo button and get your ass out of bed. We've got to be at the factory in twenty minutes.

by somestupidkid August 15, 2005
An automobile rim that is a pathetic ten inches in diameter as opposed to twenty. See twenties and dubs.
R: Yo, those wheels is shinin. Are those twenties?

J: No, they tens. But they clean as hell, though.
by somestupidkid August 15, 2005
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