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A place called The Devils Triangle Where Many Planes And Boats Have Vansihed into thin Air Never Been Found.
Jack Says omg cancel my Flight i'm not going anywhere near the bermuda triangle.
by CopCar July 24, 2005
An area known near the florida islands near the gulf of mexico. The area varies by shape every year but remains in a triangular shape.

-Paranormal Theories-
Many ships and aircraft, most famous are Flight 17 (the US AirForce bomber squad that vanished during trainig excersizes) and the USS Cyclops (the refueling ship that disappeared along with 309 US crewmen, many scientists believe that since the earth rotates on an axis of roughly 23 degrees which can lead to a wormhole effect/portal which can spontaneously occur at any place on earth or space. There is also another theory that states the ocean currents of the earth are determined by the amount of energy from the sun and the gravitational pull and spin of the earth, which can lead to accumlated deposits solar energy (ie dark energy) which is what is believed to power these wormholes/portals. Since the main atlantic current speeds up to about 8 knots and runs through the area known as the Bermuda Triangle, this can lead one to believe that these missing vessels may have been teleported to another dimension.

-Human Error/Nature-
Most of the accidents/disappearances ocurred in the early 1900s when radar,sonar, and communications were in the early stages of development which can lead to the posiblilty that human error is the result of these accidents. Like explained earlier, the atlantic current is really strong in this particular area of the atlantic sea, many storms and hurricanes occur there often which can lead many to believe that these ships and aircraft were lost at sea during fierce storms and hurricanes.

Note- No theory of the bermuda triangle has been proven or disproven, many scientists are starting to believe that paranormal activity and parallel dimensions are a posibility, however will have to wait until the technology catchs up to find out.
Bermuda Triangle
by Luke (astro physics) July 28, 2008
slang for a girl's pubic hair when shaved into a small triangle.
Jenny had a landing strip, but I much prefer Lisa's bermuda triangle.
by Jamms June 05, 2007
2 oz peach schnapps
1 oz spiced rum
6 0z orange juice

MAd tastey
3 parts that make up the tropical drink bermuda triangle
by Tdowns August 16, 2007
When conventional weapons in its war on man fail, the ocean resorts to magic in the form of the bermuda triangle. Using the geometrical powers of the triangle, the ocean can make almost anything disappear - from the largest warship to the smallest raft of lost cuban refugees. Where exactly the victims are sent is as of yet unknown, but Hell seems most likely. If someone you know has ever gone missing, chances are they were killed by the bermuda triangle.
We cannot allow the ocean to get ahead of us in Bermuda Triangle technology if we expect to win the war.
by Ocean Truth Society August 25, 2006
When 3 girls lay in a triangle shape and eat each others pussy.
anna, chealsea, and lindsey were doing the bermuda triangle last night at my party
by Mattinator January 21, 2008
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