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1. to intentionally do harm to another in a way that results in a buzz kill.

2. the position that is a result of a problem or bad situation that seems extremely difficult or impossible to solve.

3. incompetence resulting in an incomplete or poorly completed task.

4. doomed or destined for failure.

5. to literally take it from behind.
1. "That cop totally bergered us."

2. "Dude, we are so bergered right now!"

3. "Mike bergered that TPS report."

4. "The Iraqis are completely bergered."

5. "Tim has severe pain from getting bergered so hard last night."
by the original iceberg July 10, 2008
when you own some body so hard there is no way they can redeam them self.
i cant belive how hard that kid got bergered.
by steele88 March 25, 2006
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