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1. To die and leave a will.
2. To own and take advantage of the peoples in your shire. Usually used in Medieval accents.
"'tis not a county, fair wench, 'tis the Lordshire, who doth bequeath us all."
by RENEGATUS DOT COM April 23, 2004
A mix of becoming Queen Latifah and doing steroids
"Hey, how long have you been bequeathing?"

"Mmm. At least 48 hours."
by RC2190 March 21, 2014
a bitch slap to the face so hard that you spontainously combust into a ball of fire
"Hey did you hear what happened when Matt broke up with Taylor?"

"Oh yeah man, she bequeathed him so hard he spat up blood!"
by unluckyson-a-bitch November 25, 2009
Ejaculating into your hand and then swiftly slapping a woman's face with aforementioned hand.
Don't worry, I bequeathed my fortune upon her last night
by ecilop December 11, 2010
The past tense of a vaginal expulsion of gas
She bequeathed all over me
by Bob jhonson April 30, 2003