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Can mean almost anything, however most commonly used as an insult. Benson can be substituted for almost any word in any Benson.

Has an interesting habit of cropping up when you least expect it. Benson.

Use is encouraged. Spread the Benson.

Famous people fortunate enough to have Benson included in their name include childrens TV presenter, Dave Benson Philips, and American musician, Brendan Benson.
You are a complete Benson!

Shut up Benson.

What are you doing you Benson??

Jimothy you are the Daddy Benson.

Dexter you are a root. And a Benson.

Aright squire, give us 3 Guinness, 2 Stella, and a Magners.
What was that? 3 Bensons, 2 Bensons, and a Benson?
by gclarkey June 02, 2005
13 35
the act of being sexy
or irrasistable to the oppisite sex
You are so benson,
you are looking so benson today,
Im benson to all the girls
by jbenson August 02, 2006
520 173
The world's BIGGEST HARDASS. No other person even comes close. A benson can look at bear, and have it digested in 15 seconds. BADASS.

The only condoms Chuck Norris trusts not to break is a BENSON CONDOM.

Enjoys strip clubs and boobs.
That guy is such a stud.

Whats his name again?


by Joe12312321 March 14, 2011
123 38
Sexiest Man Alive. Digging In Yo Fridge Baby.
Dayummmm Benson be so fineeeeeeeeeeee.
by He Be So Fine. December 06, 2010
130 50
A cigarette; usually a Benson & Hedges brand cigarette.
Here Mikey. Pass us over me pint and a Benson, will ya?
by VundarVall January 09, 2009
104 66
Another word for spliff, used in Britain
Ed Sheeran: 'Sitting in my bedroom, lighting up a Benson.'
by Le Cptn September 13, 2011
47 20
Ganja Joint
pass the benson
by greenguy234345 June 23, 2011
35 17
The Music Scene. Maple Street the only place of entertainment. Concerts, The Benson Bar Crawl, and a Headshop. . Oh Yeah.
When i want to get drunk close to home i do a benson bar crawl.
by tony!thatfatmotherphucker December 14, 2010
22 19