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The act of spontaneously breaking into musical-esque singing and dancing in everyday conversation for no reason whatsoever.
One who performs these acts is known as a "Benson".
Bro A: How'd that date go last night?
Bro B: It was pretty good, until I turn around and she's Bensoning all over the place.
Bro A: Like full-on Bensoning?
Bro B: Yeah, it looked like I was on freaking Broadway.
by Elusive Raequan June 04, 2012
The act of running around a open world game map collecting every item along the way to only return to the start to sell everything. Considered extremely douchey and typically happens when there is a crowd watching.
"The other day I was watching Mongo play Deus Ex Human Revolution, he was Bensoning the whole time. I clawed my eyes out in boredom."
by CONDOR027 September 24, 2011
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