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Name for the shipping Betty/Henry on "Ugly Betty"
Forget Gio and Daniel! I am SO a Benry shipper!
by dadiva1889 December 16, 2010
£15 worth of weed, usually in two different bags like an eighth (£20 worth).
Will: How much do you want?
Charlie: I don't want a benz or a henry.
Will: Well what do you want then?
Charlie: Allow me a BENRY.
Will: Safe i reckon i could do that, how much is that worth?
Charlie: £15 , it's a pengaleng.
by Slewmanvex June 18, 2011
The name adopted for Henry Gale/Ben from Lost.
''Benry is so creepy.''
by fruitsmoothie April 24, 2007
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