Someone who matures backwards over the course of a relationship.
He was so much more considerate and responsible when we first started dating, but he was a Benjamin Button.
by Womanana February 17, 2009
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Something that even if you sleep through it, you still know what's going on.
"I fell asleep halfway through class, but it's ok, it was a benjamin button lecture"
by jellosea March 17, 2009
To facebook a fat chick and start looking at her most recent and probably fattest pictures. Then you proceed to go back in time and view her earlier pictures. In most cases you will watch her get younger and skinnier.
Adam found a fat chick on facebook. Since fat chicks have no use at all to Adam, he decided to amuse himself at her expense by Benjamin Buttoning the bitch. Turns out the bitch was ugly even at a lower weight.
by BRAU!!!!!!!!! March 23, 2011
The state of looking fake-aged.

Reference made to the movie of the same name in which Brad Pitt never looks real.
You are the ugliest, rubber-faced, fake-aged, Benjamin Button, droopy-eyed motherfucker I have ever seen.
by Step Jinleft April 10, 2011
When you fuck a girl the first night you meet her and then each subsequent night she regresses to smaller degrees of sexual contact.
Hey, are you still fucking that blonde?
Nah, I got Benjamin Buttoned...she'll only let me spoon her.
by MTeasy October 26, 2011
(Ben*ja*min-But*ton) The state of feeling like a damn, old ass man when your really young; Also when your still fairly young but your damn body is deteriorating like a fucking 80yr old
Yo bert! Your only fucking 30 years old and you keep on injuring your damn self!! Broken Bones!!..Torn fuckin ligaments!!...HA HA..You Benjamin Button MUTHAFUCKA!!!!!!
by bertabunand2 May 05, 2009

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