a reference to a large penis, in theory the size of a black one (black + penis = benis)
Simon may be a little dude, but the kids got a fucking benis.
by Creme Daddy August 05, 2006
A nickname for someone who has a large penis and has a first name that starts with the letter B
Brian is so hot. I want that benis.
by B2Dirty April 12, 2008
The phenomenon of a white male's genitalia being more darkly pigmented than the remainder of his body. As in black-penis, or benis.
Dude #1: Why can't Justin ever keep a girlfriend?
Dude #2: Not sure man, but I've heard he's got a benis.
by Go Hogs! July 27, 2009
Used only with fat men; the oversized area between the belly and penis
That dudes benis is so big it looks like he's pregnant!
by Estella September 01, 2005
A form of sexual organ, in which, a penis protrudes outwardly from the anal cavity.
Crocodile Dundee has gorgeous, glistening benis.
by IAMSATAN666 March 03, 2011
spot where your balls and your penis meet. like gooch but with your shaft and balls instead of your balls and your asshole.
Dude, last night when i was doing Kelly, she lifted the shadt of my penis and licked my benis.
by Stevo and Ean December 20, 2008
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