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Benesia , A girl that can be defined as many, but most of all Beauty.The feature that stands her out is her big amazing smile. If you talk to a "Benesia" your one lucky guy to talk to a girl like her, Thank god for having a Benesia (:
non regretful Amazing Lucky Beatiful Benesia
by That Freshman (: September 21, 2013
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Amnesia caused by "benjamins" aka money.
Man1: Weren't you there during the crime?
Man2: Yeah, but I'm suffering from serious benesia. Did you see my new Ferrari?

Man1: Can I persuade you to keep quiet?
Man2: Well, with every bill in my hand my memory will get foggier. Your answer is benesia.

StudentAssistant1: Coach, I saw this guy in the shower with a 10 year-old boy! WE GOTTA CALL THE COPS!
Coach1: Settle down kid. How about we make you a coach and give you a little benesia?
by David's Wick November 10, 2011

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