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A name for the toilet on those sloppy drunken nights
"How was your Friday night?"
"I spent most of the night with Bemis"
by Breanne November 16, 2004
A term used for creativity or lyrical/poetic storytelling, often fictional, but based on reality. Or, to simply describe a musically talented chubby jew with a stubbly beard.
Dude. I could smell the Bemis brewing in this room from across the hall. Let me read!!"
by thundercunts August 15, 2010
Coolest dude ever.... ever.. ever ever.
Hey where's the bemis?
by Ryan March 24, 2004
cocky,famous,hot,gorgeous,perfect in every way,legit,or someone/something extraordinary.
OMFG! That is so Bemi,i love it.
by Jenna Taylia August 12, 2011
I stupid word for penis. Used by people acting silly, or insulting one another.
HAHAHA, that bitch loves the bemis!!!
Oh my god, William is such a bemis!
by Jack Tutolus April 24, 2006
The most Horrible Roomate ever!!
He is sooooo cruel to me.
by Alan Chu (AChu07) April 21, 2005
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