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A name for the toilet on those sloppy drunken nights
"How was your Friday night?"
"I spent most of the night with Bemis"
by Breanne November 16, 2004
34 19
A term used for creativity or lyrical/poetic storytelling, often fictional, but based on reality. Or, to simply describe a musically talented chubby jew with a stubbly beard.
Dude. I could smell the Bemis brewing in this room from across the hall. Let me read!!"
by thundercunts August 15, 2010
7 4
Coolest dude ever.... ever.. ever ever.
Hey where's the bemis?
by Ryan March 24, 2004
24 22
cocky,famous,hot,gorgeous,perfect in every way,legit,or someone/something extraordinary.
OMFG! That is so Bemi,i love it.
by Jenna Taylia August 12, 2011
2 3
I stupid word for penis. Used by people acting silly, or insulting one another.
HAHAHA, that bitch loves the bemis!!!
Oh my god, William is such a bemis!
by Jack Tutolus April 24, 2006
7 22
The most Horrible Roomate ever!!
He is sooooo cruel to me.
by Alan Chu (AChu07) April 21, 2005
6 22