Enforcer of mothers' wills. Doesn't need to be an actual belt, just the notion. Sometimes the enforcer of fathers' wills, also.

Boy 1: Man, I'm in advanced classes.
Boy 2: Why?
Boy 1: Yeah, cuz my mom said I had to.
Boy 2: Do you always do what yo momma tell you to?
Boy 1: Yeah, she got a belt!
by SammiWammi December 09, 2008
A leather strap usually worn by men around their waists to keep their pants from falling down. Since it is tight, most men find it uncomfortable. It is most often worn on men's suits and school uniforms.
Matthew groaned as he tightened his belt on his school uniform in the morning since it was so tight.
by Tyler Ha. July 16, 2008
something that gets in my damn way!
Goddamn it girl, your belt's always in the way, I may have to teach you a lesson
by Brandon August 30, 2004
Damn!! You got a fat belt

Susan bent over and you could see her belt!

Tatiana had a hairy belt, that shit was nasty.
by biggdaddylongdick November 19, 2014
A rather large dangly penis
Blimey!! look at that mans belt, its hanging a bit low!
by Samofbev January 07, 2011
adjective; used to describe anything really far out and amazing, Another word for Gnarly ; an extraordinary stunt, or event.
awww that scarf is Belt as
by steeeeeezin August 11, 2010
A term used to describe past sexual experiences with members of different ethnic backgrounds. Different color belts are used to suggest sexual encounters with people of a particular race. However, unlike martial arts, all colors are equal in ranking and points. Let the games begin!

Having or getting your yellow belt would imply that you have, or you are about to sleep with an Asian person
(Black belt-Black people, White belt-Caucasians, Brown belt-Brown people, Blue belt-smurfs...Whatever makes you happy)

Friend#1: "Have you gotten your brown belt yet?"
Friend#2: " No, but im going on a date with this East Indian chick tomrrow and I might get lucky!"
by Poet-Tree April 07, 2009

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