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Belsh - A water pipe made from various materials, (e.g glass, clay, gaterade bottles, those new vitamin water bottles go alright to) Used to create and inhale a large amount of 'welsh'(weed), tobacco, snow cones of various chemicals.
Hey can you pass the belsh?

Thats a sick belsh you got there mate.

Did you just have your belsh?

Dont tell mum about all the belshes ive been having?

"What are these belshes you've been having?". says mum.
"Belshes...you know its a type of sea food". says son.
by And2602 May 01, 2010
A belsh is a person in a grow of people in Northern Ireland. These people are a select breed an some mite say an endangered species. You cannot just become a "belsh", you must earn your stripes and be invited in by the founding members.
i)In greeting. "Hello Belsh."
ii)Asking how they are. "How's it going Belsh?"
iii)...No wait there only are 2
by Richie Belsh February 27, 2005
A slightly nicer way of saying "bullshit"
That call was belsh! or She's full of belsh.
by ilySam April 06, 2007
A person from Belgium.
"Is he Belsh? or Irish?"

"The French thought I was Belsh."
by dj dj belsh April 09, 2008