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A female with a deep or strange voice, one that almost resembles a man.
Anne: Hey, how's it going?
Dave: Pretty good.

--2 hours later--

Dave: Dude, that Anne girl sounds like such a belma.
by Wambamflannel August 21, 2009
That annoying fat girl who obsesses about literature/movies that no one likes.
Don: "Shit there's a fatass land manatee blocking the whole sidewalk."
Meg: "And she's bellowing about Twilight. What an annoying bitch, I mean Belma."
by chubbychasterlol June 14, 2013
A gorgeous woman that's easy-going, independent, funny, and caring. She would do anything for the happiness of those she cares about. She is very successful and intelligent. She is an amazing person overall.
by Pseudonym22234 December 24, 2012

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