She is the craziest most sweetest girl. I've ever met she is chill, calm, sexy, my kinda nerdy, and just that girl ha. She could easily be my future kids momma ha :). I love you taco belle :P you sexy ass!
Me+belle+alone= $exy time
by Suchovsky 94 January 09, 2013
A cool girl.
Belle is cool
by ryannnnawkrhlkajwhr January 17, 2012
An absolutely amazing person inside and out. I love how I can go to you for advice on just about everything, and I especially love how non-judgmental you are, and how willing you are to listen to anyone and help them out with anything they are going through.

An amazingperson.
My best friend.
I love you, you're such a belles. :)
by - Liz January 21, 2012
Goes particularly well with Michaels and Gavins

Michael should so go with Belle!
by asfgjthecyniu February 24, 2008
To do a belle is to skip school the day before a test to study.
No wonder he got an A, he did a belle.
by joelkrossarfett May 29, 2006
short girl,high class fashionable at life,smart in school.she is very ditzy,like a pino blonde.Skank!haha jk.
dude love your clothes,so belle.
by JNzayMCay February 02, 2008
stupid rather slutty girl who is very insecure and tries to hide if by intimidating people around her, this of course always fails because she is stupid dumb and un threating.
why did you stop being friends with her?

she was always trying to intimidate me and it never worked, she was the biggest belle.
by jsdq April 04, 2010

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