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A teenage boy who attends Bellarmine College Prep, is most likely good more than one sport, and if not is crazy smart. Bellarmine boys frequently hook up with girls known as presbians, but also steal the girls from other schools that suck, like St. Francis, Mitty, and whatever public school is nearest their house. Bellarmine boys are made fun of for going to an all boys school, but the haters of Bellarmine are jealous because they get so much poon.
Jessica: Oooh look at that hot guy over there
Jenny: He's a Bell boy..... go have sex with him
Jessica: OK! :D that would be fun!
by asthmaticrino555 May 18, 2011
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bellendDerogatory term used to describe someone who does something particularly stupid
Jimmy: I having jackson five the other day when my mum walked in
Laurence: You're such a bellboy
by LaurenceLipski September 24, 2007
When both scrotum are inserted inside the vagina along with the penis. ie: 'bringing the bags in'. This can be done either with or without the help of the recipient of the bell-boy without effecting the name.
"I gave her a bell-boy!"

"Bullshit man."

"Nah straight dogg, this bitch had a bucket!"
by Samnig November 21, 2006
When someone is walking and from behind someone reaches between their legs and pulls down on their nutsack
"omg dude it was so funny when john got a bell boy from james!"
by bigmoneybiz January 16, 2007
another term for a gay person.
"Who's that bellboy over there?"
"I dunno but he's gay"
by Haders July 25, 2006

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