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beljean is perfect!

if you run out of things to say or speechless because of perfection just say the word beljean

beljean originated from asia, its a screen name of a perfect young girl.

she's like the counter part of david beckham
omg! whaa.... that's... kinda? sorta? BELJEAN!!!

if you see a really beautiful lady or anything like other things also, even a perfect event or something you can say BELJEAN for short.
#miley cyrus #beljean #taylor swift #david beckham #ryann roy
by people's choice September 15, 2009
a word to describe a very beautiful creature.

can be an alternative for any positive words like "pretty, smart, hot, cute and even talented!" or in short "PERFECT"

Beljean's celebrity status has proven to be controversial, as most people seem to either love her or hate her.

beljean has an X- factor of being likeable.

if you want your daughter to be as cool and pretty as her?

name her beljean
hey! youre so beljean!

"like" hey! youre so PERFECT!
#lohan #beckham #cyrus #hollywood #hot
by PEOPLE'S CHOICE September 14, 2009
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