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1. another term for baby
2. the last character of the Chinese term for baby (baobeh)
3. a cute way of calling a blanket (like "blankie")
1. I love my behbeh, he's the perfect guy!
2. I'm so cold! Can you get my behbeh for me?
by anju&vivi January 22, 2006
another way of saying (BABY)
so it could be meaning of a little baby
or mabe your boyfriend
Boyfriend example
1. Behbeh can you help me get the rice out for me?

your baby
2. Come here Behbeh lets go.
by behbeh June 03, 2008
noun: a word one usually exclaims - in a tone similar to that of a baby - in order to seek forgiveness
Yo, I'm sorry man! BEHBEH! We good now? Alright! Yo, what's up man?
by NearWestStationary April 14, 2011
the best word ever made. It is slang for babies but can also be used to explain a crush or love that is experienced from one partner/potential partner to another.
Person:S/He wants your BEHBEHS!

Another person: I really DO want his behbehs!
by nickidol February 08, 2009
a wimp, loser, cry baby

trinidad and tobago slang
gurl stop crying yuh behbeh
by Brigette R Joseph April 25, 2007
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