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When you are a beginner at something but you perform like an expert due to "beginner's luck".
When I was throwing a bowling ball at 10 pins and it went to the far left side (thinking I was gonna hit 0) I got dissapointed, but, then all of a sudden it bounced off the left side and hit 9/10 pins! That was epic beginner's luck!

True story.
by Ezhidze July 28, 2010
(Idiom) when someone new to the field outclasses the veterans, they will scornfully remark this.
<goatseman>That n00b is killing us off!

<veterankiller> beginners' luck, it'll wear off.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 11, 2004
a phrase representing pure luck on the first try.
Bill: Oh man, did you see that shot!?
Tom: That was beginner's luck!!
by Nic Grossie May 31, 2008