This is another word for breath.
1) Dude, yo beff smell like ass.

2) What the hell have you been eatin? Yo beff smells like the landfill on a hot day.
by Knucklehead Steve April 01, 2005
This was originated by someone I know please adopt it for your own use.

A penis which is wider than it is long.
Look at that guys beff, its like a pancake dick.
by Jeff November 09, 2003
An abbreviation for Best E(internet)-Friend Forever.

Your best friend over the internet.
Ryan- Charlie, you're my beff, right?
Charilie- You know it, babey. <3
by Ryan F F December 22, 2006
Sad lonely S&M obsessed fat freak.
You are such a BEFF
by Dave October 24, 2003
A good rodger.
A good rodger.
A good rodger.
Beff - A good rodger.
by phatlesbian February 20, 2004
do you want beff
by Anonymous October 14, 2003

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