Made in Glendale, California. Meaning is obsolete, does not mean anyone or anything. Simply refers to an object or person.
You beezies wanna come?? - referring to people
Look at how green that beezie is. - referring to a turtle
by simplyyani December 13, 2005
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a word meaning b*tch made popular by Andre "Mac Dre" Hicks. mostly used in the Bay Area and Northern California.
"Come one you beezie let's do some grown sh*t, put on a tight thong, too small that don't fit. When i'm on the thizz i'm a fool, i don't quit, unborn kids, nut all on sh*t."

"Clap you beezie, go 'head and clap."
by nikita mcgee January 27, 2005
beezy is another word for b*tch. beezy was made famous by mac dre from vallejo. people from tha yay always be sayin` beezy
"thizz or die you beezy !"
by lani March 27, 2005
slang term for bitch.
Jake told the beezies to come to his house around 7.
by Cam'ron April 02, 2003
A word made famous by Andre "Mac Dre" Hicks in the Bay Area and Northern California meaning b*tch.
"Come on you beezie, let's do some grown sh*t, put on a tight thong, too small, that don't fit."
by nikita mcgee January 27, 2005
Another word for bitch.
"When we were done with her, we kicked that beezie out of the room."
by Pryncezz April 15, 2005
a word used in the yay area for a b*tch thats easy beezie
look at the hot beezie checking us out
by dontecash May 07, 2006
an easy bitch/girl to get or play.
"Man how long have known that girl?"

"Not long."

"Man shes a beezie"
by Jdog86 August 10, 2007

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