Something that is large or fat, a person or a object, a fat cunt.
check out the size of this doobie man its a fucking big fat beezer man.
by rolando4cents November 19, 2010
Nickname James Brolin gives wife-famous singer and actress Barbra Streisand due to her unusual nose.
"Dat Beezer is like buttah!'
by streisand's teen fan August 04, 2009
A double cheeseburger at McDonald's. Priced at only 1 bill.
"everyone deserves a hot juicy beezer."
"I checked my Christmas stocking and it was stuffed with hot beezers."
"When I get a massage I don't use hot rocks, I use hot beezies."
by Slickorice January 01, 2008
One who is extremly tall, Lanky, Big Nose, Long arms/legs, Gumpy, Dorky, Awkward looking.. ect.
"Kelly, Look at that boy.. What a beezer!"

"Yeah, he's kinda Beezery."
by ELizabeth Gillim December 31, 2006
A blow job during the act of driving.
I'm sorry Officer McGillicutty. I started swerving mid-orgasm during this awesome BEEZER from this bitch.
by Trainor January 23, 2005
To expell gas.
I ate some beans and now i have to beezer.
by Jennell February 22, 2005
A socially inept person of paleolithic decent. The Beezer attacks at will and is cunning in her attempts to blend well with her surroundings but still manages to stand out. Sightings of the Beezer are few and far such as that of the Sasquach or el Chupacabra where as once you have seen "it" you cannot get "it" away. Stories arise primarily from folklore and myth, where as the Beezer does in fact Exist.
Look at the Beezer!!!

The Beezer sneezed on me.

I just gave the Beezer IDB in my VW after a BJ.
by RHS Alumni February 07, 2005
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