To beesh means to graphically masturbate or ejaculate.
I beeshed!

I beeshed all over my girlfriends face last night!

I was beeshing so hard during class today!

Hey everyone, David just beeshed everywhere
by david fessaa June 15, 2011
Verb: to be hit with a fish by another individual.
George beeshed Mike with an enormous monkfish.

Owing to Daves fish allergy, a beesh would be potentially lethal.
by Dalsus August 21, 2009
A sandy, and possibly rocky, area adjacent to a large body of water, oftentimes an ocean or great inland sea. Where the oceans meats the lands, if you will.
Oh gurrrrl, I can't wait furrr our trip to West Palm Beesh!
by Meadowlark Crestlager January 12, 2010
Another word used for Bam! or Bang!.. This expression can be used in nearly any situation that you are overly enthusiastic about.
This sandwich from Kafutti's is BEESH!

I hit em in the head with a fat carl like BEESH!
by Uncle Cyclone October 28, 2009
Bud of the beesh plant, usually dried for booshin'.
what's up gey? do you got any beesh? I haven't booshed all day!
by datcrazyjuiceman March 12, 2010
A very annoying individual. Based upon the bichon frise, an extremely annoying dog.
Dude, you're so annoying, stop being a beesh!
by chupacabra123 November 01, 2009
a more aggressive way of calling someone a bitch.
That girl over there is a psycho beesh.

"Did you have sex with that girl yet?" No and it's pissing me off. "Man fuck that beesh, she's mad dumb."
by Acintron March 06, 2008
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