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Small bowl full of peanuts available at most fine bars, which have been contaminated thouroughly by urine, feces and snot due to lack of handwashing and bowl rotation.
I reached into the bowl of beernuts and found a nice, moist peanut.
by WillowSchnell May 19, 2005
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The official disease of Milwaukee.
The doctor told me today that I've got the worst case of beernuts he's ever seen!
by Tom Thamuz September 01, 2003
Beer getting spilled in your crotch area and it looks like you have pissed your pants.
"I'd go talk to her but john spilled his beer on me and gave me beer nuts."
by Matthew S January 16, 2007
Aggression or gumption acquired through getting immensely intoxicated. A demonstration of such is often displayed at parties, bars, night clubs, and strip clubs to show off for the opposite sex or impress one's friends.
Samantha: Mark just shoved Jason! What the hell is he thinking?

David: He isn't... He just has beer nuts.
by Hurricos December 12, 2009
What happens to a man when he spills a beer on his crotch.
Bob got a severe case of the beer nuts leaving the party with a roadie when he saw the red and blue lights behind him.
by thunderhead March 27, 2007
Name commonly given by drunk sushi chefs to salted soy beans provided as an appetizer at a sushi bars.
"Hey Yoshi, can I have some beer nuts?"
by WCWingnut May 17, 2005

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