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Fags in prison who like to dress like chicks so they can be on the receiving end and like it.
As per Dr. Evil in "Goldmember":

"...and a couple of beehotches. Why not?"
by MC Lucidious Mo'nashiss April 18, 2003
11 3

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basically a "nicer" way of saying bitch.
plural for beehotch is beehotches.
"You two were being stuffy beehotches"
by The Shy Goth January 29, 2004
9 4
Plural: more than one Beehotch
A couple a Beehotches
by Booyah! October 18, 2003
8 3
Men dressed as women in prison so that bigger men can anal rape them without feeling gay.
"Ah, my stall, my moto, and a couple of beehotches. Why not?" - Dr. Evil
"Hey beehotch, bend over!"
by Snoop Dogg March 26, 2003
8 3
gay guys who dress up as women so other guys can f*ck them without feeling like theyre losing their masculinity
"Yesterday I went to visit my cousin in prison and he told me a couple of beehotches had a little party going on the night before, if you know what I mean"
by CandeeCane87 May 16, 2005
1 6